9you.com was established in Shanghai in April, 2003. It was the first generation Internet game operation company in China.

Since the establish, 9you has imported ‘O2jam’, ‘Audition’, etc, classic music and dancing web games. 9you has created the record of the earliest online game operators to serve 1 million PCU, and started the commercialized mode and high quality operation for music and dancing game.

9you imported ‘SD Gundam Capsule Fighter’ in December, 2008. Six years later, another two Gundam games, ‘SD Gundam Operations’ and ‘Gundam Online’ were imported by 9you. 9you is the IP licensee, joint developer and operator of the Gundam series game in Mainland China. At the same time, the casual online games independently developed and researched by 9you, such as ‘Super Dancer Online’ and ‘Monster Forest Online’, have already been exported to 42 countries and regions in the world including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan and Hongkong.

Since 2012, to meet the new trend of mobile game development, 9you start into the liscense and buyout business of game IP of high qualities, as well as research, development and publishing of Mobile games out of 9you's self-owned IP. After two years effort, with extreme concept of Internet game and market infrastructure, 9you together with Momo published ‘Audition’ mobile version series, ‘Momo Audition’, which got No. 2 on the APP ranking list. The follow-up publishment and success of mobile IP products such as ‘Yi Ji Dang Qian’, ‘Ipartment’ have helped 9you complete the transition and upgrading to mobile Internet game.

In 2014, ‘SD Gundam Operations’ was published. In 2015, ‘MS Gundam OL’ was published, Announced ‘Audition’ mobile version launching, and be the agency of two Gundam Mobile Game series. In 2016, ‘Extreme Heroes’ was published.

About 9you

Management Team

Gu Yi, CEO
 Gu is one of 9you cofounders. He joined 9you in April, 2004. He used to hold many important positions including CTO and COO. He has led operations of many important products of 9you. Gu officially became the CEO and started to take responsibility for all the operations in early 2013.

Since becoming the CEO, Gu has actively expanded traditional games business, for example, Successfully introduced two classic Japanese anime Gundam series games, ‘SD Gundam operations’ and ‘Gundam Online’. On the other side, Gu has led the team entering the mobile Internet field, and has brought out a series of famous mobile games such as ‘Audition’ mobile version, ‘Momo Audition’, ‘Ipartment’, ‘Jiang Hu Lun Jian’, etc. 

Management team
  9you owns an industry leading, fully experienced executive and management team. The majority of the senior management and technical backbone are the first generation gaming industry workers in China. They have more than 10 year’s industry experience and an average of 7years’ experience in 9you.

Through 12 years development, the executive and management team of 9you has formed a team combination including highly tacit data management team, music dance game research and development team, Gundam series game operation centre, as well as 9you customer service team.

The management team has accompanied with 9you in Internet game market of China for 12 years. Since 2013, the team again has set up new standard for the company future and also for the Chinese online entertainment industry: A successful transition into mobile Internet game industry.

Customer service:

9you customer service centre is always based on users’ needs and regard users’ experience as core. On the basis of ISO9001 quality management system, the customer service team has applied several management techniques including TTT、BSC、SIX-Sigma. They also have set up service system for VIP customers, and established the service platform for mobile devices to implement one-stop ‘Micro service’.

9you Products

Gundam games

  • ‘Gundam Online’ is a Third Person Shooter (TPS) game operated by 9you. The game allows more than 100 players fight in the same battle. It brings the biggest scale of war experience in history and veritably reproduces the battle field in original Gundam anime. All the classic mobile suits will appear in the game. Synthetic strengthen of mobile suits and multiple weapons collocation will bring endless fun to players.

  • ‘Gundam FC’ is a Tower Defense Game with strategy elements, based on the world view of Gundam. The biggest features are great strategy, simple operation and furious battle. Gathered all the mobile suits appeared in Gundam series anime, make the players feel the unprecedented pleasure!

  • ‘SD Gundam Battle Station’ is based on the story of the super popular anime, Gundam, loyally and yet extended. Players will have a universe scrimmage in the imaginary future world. This game is an exciting Gundam battle game. Large number of mobile suits, colorful arm and abundant skills, together with luxurious transformation and ultimate skill.

  • The newest authorised Gundam action mobile game, SD Gundam Strikers, is launched in Nov 3. It's an epic universal Gundam battle game, realize your hero dream in battle! Generations of popular Gundam drivers are in the game, even Barbatos in the hot Gundam animations. Popular beautiful female Gundam drivers are waiting for your summoning. 100% revived the refined modeling. Close to the console game experience. Only for your machinery soul!

  • ‘SD Gundam Operations - Pioneers' Glory’ is a casual web idle game based on the world view of Gundam. And also the first causal idle Gundam game so far. The famous Gundams will all in the battle.

  • ‘SD Gundam Operations’ is an online card game operated by 9you. It has exquisite picture and simple rules. Players can use all the mobile suits that appeared in Gundam series anime to fight against enemies. Plentiful battle modes and cards drawn system provide excellent webpage game experience to players.

Music and dance games

  • ‘Audition’, since operated in 2005, has gathered a total of more than 500 million registered users. "Audition" continues to uphold its stylish classic charm. It keeps attracting a large number of users to play it.

  • ‘Audition3’ is the third generation product of ‘Audition’ series. The game inherited the gameplay in previous generations, as well as adding in the latest fashion factors.

  • ‘You Can Dance’ is a new era dance community with stunning picture experience. It was independently researched and developed by 9you alone. The game provides high level of community interaction. The varieties of functions and modes can bring abundant game experience to players.

  • ‘Super Dancer Online’ is the world first online dancing blanket game. It was researched and developed by 9you alone. Since operated in 2006, Super Dancer Online has gathered a total of more than 40 million registered users. At the same time, it also has high popularity in foreign markets.

  • ‘Audition Mobile’ is a music dance game which Integrates music, social communication and simulation. Players can not only experience the fun of music dance game, but also can collect massive clothing optional collocation to create fashion game model. At the same time, the game provides multi-dimension interaction. ‘Audition mobile’ is designed to match publishing on all kinds of social media platform.

Webpage & mobile games

  • ‘Parkour’ is the first speed online game using Parkour theme. Different from traditional racing games, ‘Parkour’ for the first time adds in environment destruction and items dodge. The anime style 3D frames, smooth action and heartbeat items give the players incredible game experience.

Business partners

Strategy and overseas cooperation

Channel and media cooperation

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